recently, the Xining municipal League for the further implementation of the nine, the ten plenary session of the thirteen party party spirit, the spirit of the national work conference, and establish and promote the construction of national unity and progress of advanced deeds in contributing to youth in the city’s advanced typical young people, guide young people of all ethnic groups to establish the Marx nationalism view, consolidate and the development of the socialist ethnic relationship of equality, unity, mutual assistance and harmony.

play a leading role in the selection and recognition of national unity and progress advanced

"54" period, the municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, municipal Party Committee United Front Work Department, Xining Municipal Committee of Communist Youth League, the public complaints commission, City Youth Federation jointly launched the "Xining city of the Fourth Youth competitions in recognition of national unity and progress". After layer recommendation, careful selection, 12 units awarded the "advanced Fourth Youth national unity and progress in Xining collective" honorary title, awarded the 12 youth "in Xining City, the fourth session of the youth national unity and progress of advanced individual" title of honor. The recognition of the advanced collectives and advanced individuals are in recent years to promote the city’s national unity and progress of the work of outstanding youth collective and youth representatives. Their advanced deeds and noble quality show the unity of the people of all walks of life in our city as a whole, hand in hand into a new style, fully embodies the contemporary youth with the times, forge ahead in the spirit of the times.

strengthen publicity and education to carry forward the spirit of the 54

to lead the city’s young people adhering to the "patriotism, progress, democracy, science," the spirit of the 54, held the theme of "passing the spirit of the 54 show youth style" performance. The event for the fourth session of the Xining city youth national unity and progress of advanced collectives and individuals for the award, and in recent years the city’s Youth League members to display and publicity in promoting the city to create national unity and progress of advanced work achievements. At the same time, exhibitions and activities by rich and colorful show Panorama of main achievements in the work of the Communist Youth League Xining Municipal Service Center, serving the development of youth work in the city’s Youth League members and carry forward the glorious tradition and fine style of the Communist Youth League in all walks of life positive, be enthusiastic and press on youth style.

has raised the era of trust youth national unity flag

in recent years, the Communist Youth League Committee conscientiously implement the party’s ethnic and religious policies, and vigorously promote the Marx concept of nationalism and religion, unequivocally oppose ethnic separatism and illegal and criminal activities using religion, has played a positive role in maintaining national unity and promote national unity and social stability, ethnic unity led youth poverty well-off, care and actively involved in disaster relief relief, poverty alleviation assistant, ecological protection, to make its due contribution to promoting economic and social development in ethnic minority areas in the city.