January 14th, the Xining municipal health bureau party secretary, Secretary Liu Haonian, and his party came to Guangzhou, and the Guangzhou Municipal Health Bureau signed a cooperation agreement.

September 8, 2008, in support of the Xining municipal government and Guangzhou municipal government, the Xining Municipal Health Bureau and the Guangzhou Municipal Health Bureau signed a cooperation agreement, in the "friendly cooperation, equality and mutual benefit, complementary advantages and common development" principle, build a bridge of two city health cooperation, opened the prelude of friendly cooperation. In 2009, the Xining Municipal Health Bureau in Juzhu units selected Department of orthopedics, obstetrics and Gynecology, cardiovascular, respiratory medicine, health supervision and epidemiology, 10 professional and technical backbone to accept the training of medical institutions in Guangzhou. During the study, both in the work, or in life and other aspects of the health and medical units in Guangzhou have been enthusiastic help and meticulous care. That year, the Guangzhou municipal health bureau director also led by Huang Xining to carry out technical guidance, deepen the pass precious knowledge to others, the friendly exchanges between the two cities.

in order to make full use of the learning platform, to accelerate personnel training, to promote the Xining city health new level, after consultation between the two sides, the addition of strengthening the subject construction, personnel training agreement. At the same time, Xining City Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital of Guangzhou City, Xining City, maternal and child health care center and the Guangzhou women and children’s medical center also signed a cooperation agreement, the Guangzhou Municipal Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, women and children’s Medical Center’s advantage and strength, the implementation of traditional Chinese medicine specialty construction, women’s and children’s health, medical items, personnel training and guidance the plan of Xining city. This year, the Xining Municipal Health Bureau intends to build a number of professional and technical personnel in accordance with the medical and health institutions in the construction of the project and selected a number of professional and technical personnel to the Guangzhou health system training.