The residual premium levy to expand the scope of the administrative area of the province of all empl

from July 1st this year, the Provincial Local Taxation Bureau levied on the scope of the employment of the disabled employment security fund, by all types of enterprises and other economic organizations to expand the province’s Administrative Region of all employers. This reporter learned from the Qinghai Provincial Local Taxation bureau.

at the same time, the employment security for the disabled in Qinghai province by the gold tax department has a comprehensive collection of different budget levels and from each payment service unified level three mode by the CDPF Department of cities and counties for the provincial budget level; no arrangements for employment the employer can declare the payment directly to the local tax department, online payment in the electronic payment payment method is more conducive to people gradually take payment and bank the way. Collection mode change, further simplifying the residual premium collection and reconciliation and other aspects of the work program, to a certain extent convenient of the payment business, optimize the payment service.

it is understood that the tax department consists of a comprehensive collection of disabled employment security fund in our province according to the Ministry of finance, the State Administration of Taxation, Chinese Federation of disabled persons on issuing "disabled employment security fund levy management approach", the Finance Department of Qinghai Province, the Provincial Local Taxation Bureau, the Provincial Federation of the disabled, the Treasury jointly issued the "Qinghai disabled employment security fund collection and use of management measures for the implementation of" the implementation of the.


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