Recently, the public Lee in the North Campus of Qinghai Normal University, when walking with a new discovery: a few lilac trees in the campus actually flowering. Isn’t lilac blooming in March and April?" Lilacs bloom in winter, which makes Mr. Lee rather surprised.

Agricultural Expert: Lilac blooming in winter is not unusual

leaf lilac leaves than ordinary clove small branches low, branches of soft, bright colors, and two a year of flowering, flowering period is generally in spring and autumn, because this year the temperature is high, so the leaf lilac blooms in the winter is not unusual. In addition, flowering is controlled by a gene switch, and there is a certain relationship between flowering and individual differences.

for reasons of abnormal high temperature in November this year, the province’s provincial Climate Center room, evaluation of senior engineer Dai Sheng analysis, caused by high temperature in November of this year in our province,;