Datong County, the leaders of the National People’s Congress

2012 August 23rd morning, Pei Gaihua, deputy director of the county people’s Congress Standing Committee and his party to the birch forest Township, condolences to the town of Lin Lin Township, county, township deputies, and issued a condolence for them. Here, when the Muslim masses of the "de", the director of the special condolences to Ma Guili, deputy secretary of the people’s Republic of China, the two members of the village, send them a holiday blessing.

issued after the ceremony, the Township People’s Congress held a forum on the meeting, the Township People’s congress chairman Comrade Ma Haifu reported in the first half of the work of the NPC Hua Lin Xiang, and the second half of the work of the NPC has made careful arrangements, then the delegates in a fierce discussion, the county people’s Congress and the local people in the first half of the work fully affirmed, and practical advice and suggestions on the new rural economic development, social management and other aspects of innovation.


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