Environmental protection departments will be the first time to achieve automatic monitoring of pollu

in order to strengthen the capability of supervision and management of pollution sources, improve the level of information science, environmental management, environmental protection to promote the digitization process, the practical realization of key industrial enterprises pollutant emission monitoring. By the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau to apply for the central and provincial pollution sources on-line automatic monitoring system construction project has been fully implemented. The first batch of 35 state-controlled, provincial control of key industrial enterprises on-line monitoring facilities have begun to install and debug. In order to promote the pollution automatic monitoring system construction work, Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau organized relevant departments of construction work of online automatic monitoring of 35 key industrial enterprises were examined, and the online monitoring of the construction work of 10 enterprises enthusiasm is not high, online equipment supply installation and factory with problems disjointed, construction work in progress is slow. The site issued a rectification notice, ordered in April 15th before the completion of the rectification of the content. At present, 19 enterprises have realized the networking with the provincial and municipal monitoring center, other companies are adjustable to stage equipment, commissioning is completed, pollutant emissions of key industrial enterprises will be the first to achieve real-time video monitoring. (Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau)


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