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Bell Tower Youth Hostel is in the center of Xi'an next to the post office building. From the window of our lounge, you can look out over downtown Xi'an and see such ancient sites as the Bell Tower and City Walls as well as modern shopping malls and office buildings. Both an ancient capital and a modern metropolis, Xi'an truly has a rich culture, and our hostel is right in the center of it all.

We offer various facilities and services to our guests to ensure the most comfortable stay possible. All rooms are equipped air conditioning. We operate our own restaurant with a variety of international foods, as well as a well-stocked bar. For entertainment, we provide a TV and a diverse library of DVDs at no charge. We offer various other services to our guests at reasonable prices:





Bell Tower International Youth Hostel
Tel : +86 29 - 87233005 87231203 / +86 29 -87218222
Add : No.1 North Main Street Xi'an, China
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